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Tomahawk Design Viperjet 2.5

Last update: 25/12/16

After all got my Vpj colored in the form on March 26th, just 6 month after having placed the order at Jetpower 2012.

The VPJ arrived well packed in 2 boxes containing all parts in high quality incl.thrust tube an the 3 gear legs.

First picture (missing wing tips):

Art175-TD Viperjet25


Going to start assembly as soon as possible.

- Started with preparing and assembling fiberglass tank (28.03)

- Fixed tank in fuselage 

- Prepared servo installation on stabilizer

- Prepared servo installation on wings, made holes for tubes and servo cables

- Prepared retract gear installation (06.04)

- Prepared fin and rudder (07/08/09.04)

- Prepared fin fixation, made cut outs in horizontal stabilizer for servo and rudder horns(10/11.04)

- Finished vertical fin & rudder, made servo installation in horizontal stabilizers (13.04)

- Finished horizontal stab , prepared alu tubes, rudder horns, servo installation & rods (21.04)

- Continued with wings, servo installation (22.04)

- Finished rudder horn gluing, rods (02.05)

- Continued with cabling and tubing of wings (06.05)

- Wings are finished, just to add outer wing parts (13.05)

- Glued outer wing parts, glued hopper/RC plate holder into fuselage, prepared thrust tube and turbine integration,integrated front gear and front door,
  start preparing canopy, made fuselage openings for wing tubes and plug, prepared fuselage fins (21.05)

- Mounted fins(CARF method), some minor works on front fuselage and servo connections at the rear fuselage(22.05)

- Some minor works preparing battery booard, main board for hopper, receiver, ECU, pump, valves. Integrating and tryring gear  door open/close function.
  Doing stearingwire connection servo-front gear, doing some work on cockpit preparation, glueing canopy open/close mechanism (24/25.05)

- Prepared cabling and tubing, servo connections, canopy cockpit (june)

- Prepared final integration of batteries, main board with valves, pump, ECU (21-23.06)

- Did some work on cockpit, receiver arrived (it's now flying weather, so building doesn't go on fast)

- Finished all interior work, cockpit, settings

- Almost rtf , balanced with about 600g lead in nose on mid tube, weight with hopper filled 15,64kg (19.09)

- First rollout on 22.09 but no maiden as i had some minor problems with the main gear

- Maiden + 2 more flight on Friday 27.09, unproblematic 1 flight, almost no trim

- changed gear door mechanism to servo actuation, integrated telemetrie converter jetcat/Jeti (15.11)

- Some flight showed that the Viper is well powered with only a P140 and goes through all aerobatic manoeuvre without problem.


Check photogalerie on bottom

Viperjet in Oberweis  Viperjet in Müllheim



  • Turbine Jetcat P140 RX
  • 1 Receiver Jeti duplex EX 18K 2,4GHz + satellite 
  • 1 XXJC-EX ECU telemetrie converter
  • 1 Servo HBS 860 - Rudder
  • 4 Servo HBS 860 - Ailerons/Flaps
  • 2 Servo HBS 860 - Elevator
  • 1 Servo HBS 860 - Front wheel
  • 2 Jet-tronics retract and air brake valves
  • 1 IQ-Hammer retract gear
  • 1 Life 2100mAh 9.9V- Turbine battery
  • 2 Life 2300mAh 6.6V Electronic
  • 1 Life 1100mAh for lights
  • 1 Powerbox Gemini II 7.4V mode
  • 1 Jeti switch for lights
  • Lights from emcotec/hab
  • Tomahawk Hoppertank

Check the specific letter for the image category:

- No letter = common picture

- r pictures from fuselage (Rumpf)

- f pictures from wings (Flügel)

- s pictures from vertical fin (Seitenleitwerk)

- h pictures from horizontal stabilizer (Höhenleitwerk)



Art175-TD Viperjet25arf

Art175-TD Viperjet25rout