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Building the CARF/Skygate Viperjet

 last update: 15/05/2014

First a link to a rcuniverse thread of the model: Viperjet thread

Instruction manual (download from the carf-models homepage)


Fantasy Vpj   Video


Started building on 17th of November

- Started with horizontal stabs and changed to another solution for guiding the servo cable outside the stab: drilled a hole of 5mm to inner rib and herex strut to pass cable to front of stab and get it out through the front hole of the rib. For this I took out the pins from the servo plug, fixed it to a string and run the string with servo cable throuhg the holes into the front chamber of the stab, then reinserted the pins in the plastic plug cover.

 - Finished stabs, started with wings, servo installation and gear installation(25.11)

 - Finished wings, front gear installation, RC board, started rear part of fuselage, finished tank & hopper(20.12)

 - Working on thrust tube, rear servo cabling, canopy(03.01)

- Added some white check design below on tip of wings and elevator

- Everything installed and ready, some smaller settings to do(14.05)


Equipment :
Turbine Jetcat P180 RX

  • 1 Jeti duplex EX Central Box CB200  + 2 satellites Sat2
  • 1 XXJC-EX ECU telemetrie converter
  • 1 Servo XQ Digital HV Servo S4116D - Rudder
  • 2 Servo XQ Digital HV Servo S4116D - Ailerons
  • 2 Servo XQ Digital HV Servo S4120D - Flaps
  • 2 Servo XQ Digital HV Servo S4116D - Elevator
  • 1 Servo XQ Digital HV Servo S4116D - Front wheel
  • 2 Jet-tronics retract and air brake valves
  • 1 Life 2100mAh 9.9V- Turbine battery
  • 2 Life 2000mAh 6.6V Electronic
  • (1 Life 1100mAh for lights / 1 Jeti switch for lights / Lights from emcotec/hab)
  • Retract gear from IQ-Hammer
  • Hopper from GBRJets

Maiden flight on 04.10.14. Two flights with no hazzle, just a small problem on front gear locking to solve.


 September 2016: first flights for this year, beautiful weather, great day, first buddy box flights with my wife on this jet.