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C&C Viperjet

March 2016

Jetpower 2015. As we had a P100 without plane, we found between other's the C&C Viperjet and after some hours we decided ourselves for this plane. As we would had to wait some monthes for an ordered machine, we bought finally the Viper that was presented at the stand.

Not going to write a detailed report, as there is a thread running for some years now and giving much information: Thread on

March 2016 ready to fly, waiting for flying weather:

 art 297 CCViper


  • Jetcat P100RX
  • Jeti Centralbox with 2 satellites
  • Graupner SJ servos HBS 860 + HVS 660(elevator and rudder)
  • 2 2cell Life-Accus 2300mAH for RC
  • 1 3cell life-Accu 2100mAh for turbine
  • Jet-1A pneumatic gear
  • Jet-tronics valves for gear and brake
  • Lights 12V + 3cell accu

Stressless maiden flight on  June 10 2016, followed by 3 buddy box flight. 

September 2016: Almost a lot of flights, no problem besides a thread damaged in the spar tube, that could be repaired with no problem.

September 2017: 86 flight with no problems, mostly flown by my wife.