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Rebel Pro from Pirotti

Last update: 06.01.2017


Just for Christmas 2015 I got the kit of the Rebel Pro from my dealer GB-Jets.

This was my first really big jet and I started building at the beginning of 2016.

You may find a build thread in rc-universe:

Equipment :

  • Turbine Jetcat P220 RXi
  • 1 Jeti duplex EX Central Box CB200  + 2 satellites Sat2
  • (1 XXJC-EX ECU telemetrie converter)
  • 1 Servo Hitec HS-7954SH - Rudder
  • 2 Servo Servo Hitec HS-7954SH - Ailerons
  • 2 Servo Servo Hitec HS-8385SH - Flaps
  • 2 Servo Servo Hitec HS-7954SH - Elevator
  • 1 Servo Servo Hitec HS-7954SH - Front wheel
  • 1 Electron ER-50 retract gear
  • 1 Life 2100mAh 9.9V- Turbine battery
  • 2 Life 3000mAh 6.6V Electronic
  • Hopper from Intairco

Building was straight forward and there was no problem to finish the in general good quality kit.

First problems showed when I prepared the plane for maiden. In fact I had overseen, as this wasn't mentioned in the instructions that the elevator and flaps were cut out in a way that they blocked on the fuselage once mounted. This has costed me one elevator servo(burned) and two damaged flex hinges on the flaps. I managed to repair the hinges and after removing the corner parts on flaps and elevators I could complete all adjustments as mentioned in the building instructions.

Maiden Flight in August 2016; really awesome model with good flight characteristics.

September 2016: Almost 20 flights on different airfields.

Turbine power is reduced for now to 200NM and I still have more power than actually needed to fly this bird. So a 180NM turbine should fit this model.

Rebel Pro in corn field

 Great luck at Bitburg Jet Meeting 2016, thanks to Bao RC Shop photo credit from Youtube video