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Prowing International Süd

vth ProwingThe weekend from october 2-4 the first "Prowing International Süd" fair was held in Lahr/Germany at the Black Forest Airport. Prowing is a selling fair with flight show of the exhibitors and is held in the north of Germany at Bad Sassendorf Airport since 2010.

Also Prowing started as fair for big RC planes only, Prowing Süd had some exhibitors presenting helicopters and jet engines. So on the flightline you could see a lot of different models, big oldtimers and warbirds, gliders brought in the air by tow models , electric motors or turbine engines, scale and 3D helicopters, sport and scale jet models.
Additionally to the extraordinary exhibitors presentations, we saw on saturday a lot of showflights: No Limit team with Yak55 synchron flight, Roy Puchtinger with Me262, Jetcat team with Eurofighter, Phantom and Me163, Horizon team with big bi-planes and scale jet models from Air-classics, Team Italia with bi-plane oldtimers.......

Still medium sized for Süd, but potential to grow, I believe.

Photos from friday on  (thanks)


Exhibitors and links: