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How Fast Can A Remote Control Airplane Fly?

RC airplanes are some of the most amazing toys that I’ve come across. There are several models in the market today and choosing the fastest is a difficult task. Generally, planes are faster than helicopters. Even the best remote control helicopter could struggle to keep up with an average RC plane. So, if you’re looking for speed, I’ll take you through some of the fastest RC planes that I’ve come across to help you settle on the best.

The E-flite Habu 32DF

Here is a fantastic RC airplane that uses an 80 mm fan system combined with a 2150-kV brushless motor that creates high speeds. I enjoyed the Habu because you can control it using an elevator, ailerons and even a throttle. It’s a jet which has flappable wings to help it while landing.

It’s quite a large plane with a shocking wingspan of more than 40 inches. I also found that it’s made from fiberglass and an additional carbon fiber for improved strength. So, if you are an RC plane enthusiast like me, this is a device that won’t disappoint you!

Great Planes F-16

The device is powered using a 56-mm fan combined with a 3790-kV brushless motor. Although I didn’t buy this powerful RC jet, I loved its speeds. Interestingly, it can go up to 90mph. It can reach such high speeds because of the way it’s made. It’s created using balsa wood, fiberglass, and plywood.

If you prefer a smaller remote control plane, then you’ll love this particular model. With only a wingspan of 23 inches, I had to exercise caution to avoid flying it too high. It’s one of the best high performing RC planes you’ll come across.

Kondor CF-8 Sabre

This device was initially a United States RC airplane which was later adopted by Canada. It’s capable of going over 50mph with a unique 10 minute charging time. I loved its excellent camouflage design pattern as well as its impressive model machine guns.

The Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II

Here is a plane with two motor replicas of the old and famous “Warthog” fighter plane. It’s also called thunderbolt for a good reason as it’s one of the fastest RC jets I’ve seen. With its 64 mm ducted fans and two brushless motors of 3300-kV each, it’s the perfect definition of a beast!

So, which is your best pick from these four RC planes? Well, I settled on the 32DF E-flite Habu because of its standard and efficient speed as well as performance. All in all, the most critical factor here is buying the RC toy that fits perfectly to all your needs!

Article created by Jen