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EDF/Motor Test stands

Some interesting test units for EDF turbines and electric motors.


EDF thrust stand:

EDF Stand

Brushless Motor Thrust Stand:

Motor stand

CG Wizard from digitech

CG Wizard is a extremely easy tool to find your CG on your Model aircraft.


Compare it to the CG-Meter from Xicoy

Product Info 2016/3

- small budget Jeti transmitter DS-6 with duplex technologie for beginner, buddy box flying, other

- Spektrum DX-20 High end transmitter


- New Hitec D servo serie


VSpeak ECU Data converter

mirrored from their web page:

ECU converter are a link between the turbine electronic (called ECU) and the 2.4GHz remote controls with telemetry.
The measurements which are usually displayed on a control panel will be "converted" and send to the telemetry back channel of the respective remote control system.

For unidirectional telemetry systems, such as Multiplex MLink, the data can be transfered in only one direction, ie from the model to the radio - while in bidirectional systems, such as Jeti Duplex EX, data is transferred in both directions.

To avoid repercussions of the turbine control to the receiver, telemetry and ECU connector of the ECU VSpeak Converter are electrically isolated.


VSpeak ECU Converter JetCatJetCat

VSpeak ECU Converter JAKADOFSKYevoJet

 VSpeak ECU Converter evoJet / Pahl  evoJet


  • VSpeak ECU Konverter PBS (TJ20) 
  •   PBS

    Ditex Servos by hacker

    New programmable and telemetry capable servos from German manufacturer Hacker Motor.


    A full range from mini to standard servo size.